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Cell cleavage of an early stage embryo
Centrosome - Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus
Close-up of a fragment of isolated cortex from an [...]
Clytia hemisphaerica planula larva
Development from egg to tadpole in 12 hours (Phall [...]
Egg laying in Clytia hemisphaerica
Fertilization and division of the egg in Clytia
Fertilization in the ctenophore Beroe ovata
Fertilized egg 5 minutes after sperm entry
Fertilized egg 5 minutes after sperm entry
Fireworks in the cell
First unipolar cleavage
Fragment of an isolated cortex from an unfertilize [...]
From fertilization to first cleavage
Isolated cortex of ascidian egg
Just fertilized egg of the ascidian Phallusia mamm [...]
Mixing sperm and eggs from sea urchins
Planula larvae of Pelagia jellyfish
Plate I - Conklin 1905 - Maturation and Fertilizat [...]
Plate II - Conklin 1905 - First Cleavage