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Supplementary Movie 3. Midbody 1 and midbody 1 lo [...]
Supplementary Movie 4. Second meiotic spindle til [...]
Supplementary Movie 5. Two second polar bodies
Supplementary Movie 6. Failed rotation of second [...]
Supplementary Movie 7. DNA can polarize the egg c [...]
Supplementary Movie 8. Cortical actin patch forms [...]
Supplementary Movie 9. Dynamics of cortical actin [...]
Tail regression
The blastula hatches and swims away from the ferti [...]
The ctenophore Beroe ovata
The larvae metamorphoses into a small sea urchin
The larvae starts feeding
Triple immuno de larve d'oursin 3D
Unequal Cell Division 1. 8-16-cell
Unequal Cell Division 2. 16 to 32-cell
Unequal Cell Division 3. 32 to 64-cell
Unequal cell division from 8 to 16-cell stage.
β-catenin speeds up the cell cycle in MDAnat MBT