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Fertilized egg 5 minutes after sperm entry
First cleavage 45 minutes after fertilization.
Fragment of an isolated cortex from an unfertilize [...]
Gastrulation seen from the vegetal pole
Gelatinous macroplankton
Group of Pelagia jellyfish
Immature Lithoptera
Isolated Clytia gonad
Isolated cortex of ascidian egg
Just fertilized egg of the ascidian Phallusia mamm [...]
King Radiolarian
L'Oursin Paracentrotus lividus
La méduse Clytia hemisphaerica
Laboea strobila
Larvae of Pelagia jellyfish
Larve de crabe
Larve de crustacé amphipode
Larve de crustace decapode
Larve de poisson et colonie de radoliaires pheodar [...]