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3D rendering of microtubules during UCD
B5.2 cell division in 3D
CAB visualization
Cell division
Isolated B52 blastomeres
Kif2 protein leaves the CAB during mitosis.
Microtubule growth around the CAB in an intact emb [...]
Microtubule polymerization around the CAB.
Nocodazole pipette to depolymerise CAB proximal mi [...]
Nocodazole pipette to depolymerize microtubules at [...]
Notochord intercalation
Phallusia development from neural to tadpole
Phallusia embryo (16-cell stage during mitosis, ve [...]
Phallusia embryo (64-cell stage during interphase, [...]
Phallusia mammillata metamorphosis
Phallusia tadpole head
Sperm-triggered Calcium wave in Ascidiella aspersa [...]
Supplementary Movie 1. Bright field movie showing [...]
Supplementary Movie 3. Midbody 1 and midbody 1 lo [...]