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Life history stages of a tintinnid

Organism : Planktonic Protists
Species : Ciliate
Description : Life history stages of a tintinnid, Eutintinnus inquilinus In ciliates reproduction (B&C) is divorced from sexual recombination (D&E). 'A' is a trophont (feeding stage) cell, 'B' an early stage of cell division with a new mouth developing from an oral primordium (OP), 'C' a newly divided cell- the top cell will swim away to construct a new shell, 'D' two cells in an early stage of conjugation, 'E' a conjugating pair which has formed a cytoplasmic bridge (CB) for the exchange of genetic material. Images of Lugol's-fixed cells from a mixed culture supplied by Fabien Lombard.
Project : Aquaparadox
Attributions : Jon Dolan, Fabien Lombard
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