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Isolated Clytia gonad

Organism : Cnidarian Jellyfish
Species : Clytia hemisphaerica
Description : Superimposed confocal images of an isolated Clytia gonad, from superficial and deep layers showing, respectively, the distribution of specialised Opsin/Oocyte Maturation Hormone- expressing cells in the ectoderm (detected by anti-PRPamide antibodies in Cyan) and anti-tubulin staining (white) decorating underlying oocytes as well as surface cila.
Attributions : Noriyo Takeda, Yota Kon, Gonzalo Quiroga Artigas, Pascal Lapébie, Carine Barreau, Osamu Koizumi, Takeo Kishimoto, Kazunori Tachibana, Evelyn Houliston, Ryusaku Deguchi
Publication : Identification of jellyfish neuropeptides that act directly as oocyte maturation inducing hormones
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Tags : Gonad Ectoderm
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