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Twin sea urchins

Organism : Echinoderm Sea urchin
Species : Paracentrotus lividus
Description : The juvenile pentaradial sea urchin forms inside the pluteus larva and then emerges during a metamorphosis process. Usually, the juvenile develops on the left side of the digestiv tract of the larva, but sometimes in very rare cases a second adult form inside the same larva. Here, two little juvenile can be seen on each side of a flatened digestiv tract. Both of them shown multiples muscular structure, the brightest being the future podia of the sea urchin. Twin sea urchins Système : Confocal Type d'échantillon : formaldehyde fixed larva Information sur le marquage : Blue: hoechst, red: serotonin, magenta: phalloidin, cyan: synaptotagmin Information sur l'image : 1 pixels/micron Contexte biologique : Caracterisation of larval nervous system of the sea urchin Post-processing appliqué à l'image : Projection max en z, brightness and contrast modification
Project : Concours photo MICA
Attributions : Laurent FORMERY, Jenny Croce
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Tags : Hoechst Serotonin Phalloidin Larva Pluteus Muscles Synaptotagmin
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