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The cephalochordate amphioxus

Organism : Lancelet Amphioxus
Species : Branchiostoma lanceolatum
Description : The cephalochordate amphioxus develops into a larva in just a few hours. Amphioxus pre-metamorphic larvae have an asymmetrical disposition of the pharyngeal structures, with the mouth located in the left side, while the gill slits locate in the right side of the larva. All the digestive tract is rich in cilia that create an inflow of water. Early larval stages move passively by the action of external cilia and also actively due to the presence of contractile muscles. Grossissement : 40X Type d'échantillon : PFA fixed embryo Information sur le marquage : Grey - Acetylated Tubulin; Red - Phalloidin Information sur l'image : 2,463 pixels/micron Contexte biologique : Study and characterization of the embryonic development of amphioxus Post-processing appliqué à l'image : Projection max en z
Project : Concours photo MICA
Attributions : João E. Carvalho, Michael Schubert
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Tags : Larvae Tubulin Cilia Phalloidin Muscles
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