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Clytia - A Laboratory Favorite

Organism : Cnidarian Jellyfish
Species : Clytia hemisphaerica
Description : Clytia hemispherica, is a tiny jellyfish found in all the world’s oceans. But you have to look closely because Clytia measures only 5 to 20 millimeters. Easy to raise and propagate, this delicate jellyfish is becoming a favorite laboratory organism for studying life cycles and gene functions. Clytia’s full genome sequence is now known, and its DNA will soon hold no more secrets. Original idea Christian Sardet - Director Sharif Mirshak - Texts Christian Sardet, Sasha Bollet - Images Christian Sardet, Sharif Mirshak, Noé Sardet - Editing Sharif Mirshak - Narration Sacha Bollet
Project : The Plankton Chronicles
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