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Clytia planula larva development disrupted by WegD1 gene knockdown

Organism : Cnidarian Jellyfish
Species : Clytia hemisphaerica
Description : Confocal image of a Clytia planula larva following morpholino–mediated knockdown of the novel, hydrozoan-restricted gene WegD1. The phenotype is characterised by severe disruption of the basal lamina between the endoderm and ectoderm layers. Cell contours were stained with Rhodamine-phaloidin (blue) and nuclei with Hoechst (purple).
Attributions : pascal lapébie, antonella ruggiero, carine barreau, sandra chevalier, patrick chang, philippe dru, evelyn houliston , tsuyoshi momose
Publication : Differential Responses to Wnt and PCP Disruption Predict Expression and Developmental Function of Conserved and Novel Genes in a Cnidarian
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Tags : Hoechst Clytia Phalloidin Larva Planula
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